TechX offers a wide range of opportunities for content writers. By choosing from our wide choice of topics, you can create content that captures readers’ attention and keeps them reading! Do you have an aptitude for creating content that is well-researched and engaging? Our site would love to feature guest posts from people who excel in this area and showcase their skills. Please send our team an email right now with suggestions for articles (we love hearing new ideas).

How Many Blog Posts Can You Write For Us?

Most people who are contemplating working with us ask this question. If you have the experience and knowledge to produce articles that are well researched and well written that are engaging to our users, then please write for us regularly. It is important to remember that the quality and passion of your writing will directly impact the number of articles you can write for us.

We Are Looking For Articles On The Following Topics:

Readers Will Always Be Attracted to Great Content…

Our website’s focus is primarily on the content it offers. To ensure that the tone of your writing resonates with readers, we offer writers some guidelines about how they can write for us!

  • Plagiarism-free content is the only content we accept. A paid plagiarism detection service is used. If your blog contains plagiarism, it may need to be modified or even rejected.
  • If you publish a blog on our website, you cannot share it with anyone else. You cannot publish it anywhere else either.
  • You probably know how important it is to make a good first impression. Ensure your headline stands out from the rest. Add bullet points, paragraphs, and subheads if necessary. Your content will be more readable this way.
  • We recommend a minimum of 600 words. Those with over 600 words are always given priority.
  • It must be error-free, with no grammar mistakes, and the sentences must be grammatically correct.
  • The content you submit may be edited to some degree, and we may add additional outbound links at a later date. 
  • You can send us examples of technology-related articles if you are satisfied with our guidelines.

We welcome your submissions here:

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